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PsychoPy is a Python version of Psychophysics Toolbox which allows you to easily design visual stimuli for behavioral experiments.

It uses OpenGL to render moving or static images and then flip them to the screen at a high rate.

This can be used for the OpenMaze Mouse Visual Operant task, in place of MATLAB Psychophysics Toolbox for presentation of visual stimuli. Basically, PsychoPy delivers the visual stimuli, which then tells the Arduino to look for responses from the mouse. 

NOTE (Nov 2021)

While we've previously had success running PsychoPy on the Raspberry Pi (which happens to have a tiny but adequate GPU), there are currently some incompatibilities such that we've had to go back to using a PC. We are currently exploring workarounds because it's really great to be able to run everything on the RasPi...


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