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Here are comprehensive instructions for several types of common experiments 

Where possible, we provide 3D printing/laser cutting designs for hardware components, and software examples for running the hardware using OM PCBs.

Many of these instructions are in some way incomplete, however if you are interested in one of these and need further guidance, please feel free to contact us at:



Mouse whisker/auditory task

Train an animal to respond to a variety of sensory inputs


Used for operant whisker behaviors, this type of experiment involves rewarding an animal for responding to particular sensory stimuli.



Mouse visual operant task

Generate bar grating stims with MATLAB/PsychoPy while using arduino to give rewards


Use MATLAB Psychophysics Toolbox or PsychoPy to generate bar grating stimuli along with Arduino to give rewards.



Motion tracking (to come)

Track animal and trigger stimui


Use Processing to track animal movement using a webcam and send output from arduino when animal enters a particular area of the maze.




Optogenetics (to come)

Use the Arduino to trigger optogenetic stimulation


Have Arduino signals control shutter on optogenetic laser or to control high current power source for LED stimulation.




Mouse headfixed treadmill spatial behavior (to come)

Use the Arduino to read off mouse position on treadmill and deliver spatial stimuli and rewards/punishments.


Integrate position data from external sensor, use this to pair stimuli with particular locations on a circular treadmill belt.




Drummond nanoject control (to come)

Use the Arduino to trigger injections using the Drummond nanoject.


You don't even need to use the OM PCB for this one- it's so easy you probably already know how to do this, but if not it can save you tons of time when doing multiple injections. Makes it easy to do 2 animals at once!.




Automated T-maze (to come)

Control an automated T-maze with the OM4 board.


This design currently uses motorized linear slidepots for the doors, which I don't love but actually work okay. Gear motor randomizes middle zone orientation to prevent reliance on smell cues.

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